About us

Swiss Healthcare Properties AG – a real estate company in Switzerland

Swiss Healthcare Properties AG (SHP) is a real estate company focusing on investments in healthcare related properties all over Switzerland.

Today SHP owns 31 health care properties, located all over Switzerland in 12 specific sites and representing a total rental surface of 132'250 m2.

Almost all SHP properties are rented to the various clinics of Swiss Medical Network, and have been bought or constructed in the context of the development of the Swiss Medical Network group.

SHP is committed on the long-term to the growth and development of the clinic's operations. All SHP's properties are fully let and represent an additional development potential of 30'000 to 35'000 m2.

SHP was founded in 1997 under the name Unigerim SA. Its name was changed to Swiss Healthcare Properties AG in 2011 and it has its domicile in Fribourg in the Canton of Fribourg. SHP is a 100% subsidiary of AEVIS VICTORIA SA.

SHP is managed by Patrimonium Healthcare Property Advisors AG.

  • Real estate company with an investment focus on healthcare related properties all over Switzerland
  • Buy/build & hold strategy with a long-term perspective of ongoing renovation and maintenance programs
  • 31 Properties
  • All properties are fully let (i.e. 0% vacancy)
  • Total rental income of CHF 43.2 million
  • Portfolio market value of CHF 765.2 million
  • Additional development potential of 30-35'000 m2