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The Clinique de Genolier building and further healthcare related properties are situated in an area known as „La Joy” above the village of Genolier. The total site area comprises 57’689m2. Characteristic for the site are the marvellous views over Lake Geneva and the Alps.

The City of Nyon and the closest highway access are a 15 minutes’ drive (10 km) south of Genolier. The dedicated train stop „La Joy-Clinique” links the site by public transport to Nyon in 16 minutes.

Clinique de Genolier is the largest building in SHP’s property portfolio. It has originally been built in 1971/1981 and seen further extension in 1995 with the development of „Clinique de Genolier Sud”.

The building is in an overall good condition in terms of building framework and interior installations, as the building owners and tenants have continuously invested in maintenance and renovation over the past.

Also, further development potential of the premises exists. The CRG building has been built in 1981 adjacent to the Clinique de Genolier. The CRG building has direct access to Clinique de Genolier. In 2009, it has been converted into a medical center with medical practices and offices. The 4th and 5th floor are used by Group management. After heavy renovations in 2011, the building is in very good condition.

Les Hauts de Genolier, an upscale medical and assisted living building, is a recent development that has been built in 2008/2009. It houses 63 hotel suite like residences with balcony. A direct underground passage links the property to the Clinique de Genolier building. The basic construction design of the property is a mixture of a luxury hotel with representative reception and communal areas (wellness, restaurant and conference rooms). The newly built property is in an excellent condition. The site „La Joy” is equipped with indoor and outdoor parking spaces. Access to the spaces is through control barriers and the use of the parking is managed by a ticketing system.

Property name:Clinique de Genolier
Property type:Special property
Main use:Multi-specialty clinic
Street :Route du Muids 3
Post code, Town/City:1272 Genolier
Rental area: 18'724 m²
Construction Year:1971 / 1981