The Clinica Sant’Anna Hospital complex comprises various real estate with total site area of 22’251 m2. It is located on a hillside in the municipality of Sorengo, close to the the municipal boarder with Lugano.

The district around the premises is know for its upmarket houses, as the location offers great exposure to sunlight and excellent views over Lake Lugano.

There are excellent private transport (highway access within 4km) and public transport links (bus stop „Clinica Sant’Anna” connects into Lugano main railway station twice an hour in two minutes). Clinica Sant’Anna is the main clinic building within the Clinica Sant’Anna hospital complex.

Originally built in 1934, the building has been totally refurbished in 1996 and has seen additional renovation programs over the past 15 years, including a major extension adding a further three storey wing. The building is in excellent condition.

Villa Anna 1 is an ancillary building to Clinica Sant’Anna and was built with the main clinic building in 1934. Villa Anna 1 has been well maintained and seen continuous renovation over the past. The building is in a very good condition. Villa Anna 2 is a detached building next to Clinica Sant’Anna and was built in 1965. The building is connected via a gangway with the main clinic building. The building has been completely renovated in 2006 and is therefore in excellent condition.

Clinica Sant’Anna has an integrated indoor parking space, with direct access to the clinic. The indoor parking is accessible through control barriers and the use of the parking is managed by a ticketing system. The indoor parking building is a recent extension of Clinica Sant’Anna and is in very good overall condition. There are also outdoor parking spaces around Clinic Sant’Anna, Villa Anna 1 and Villa Anna 2.

The property Villa Meridiana is a residential upper-market building that is opposite Clinica Sant’Anna. It comprises three apartments and two indoor parking spaces.

Property name:Clinica Sant'Anna
Property type:Special property
Main use:Multi-specialty clinic
Street :Via Sant'Anna 1
Post code, Town/City:6924 Sorengo
Rental area:11’555 m²
Construction Year:1934