Hangar SHP


The building is located in the northern part of the airport-area, about 250 m from the west front of the terminal. The hangar has direct access to the street between the building and the railway line. The city centre and the next train station of Sion are about 2 km far west.

The bus stop «Sion, Aéroport» is at 350m and connects the city centre of Sion in about 14 minutes, twice an hour. The nearest highway can be reached in a few minutes.

The building consists of:
  • A hangar for a plane with a surface area of 800 m2
  • A hangar for helicopters with a surface area of 800 m2
  • A two-story central part with a surface area of 400 m2 for administrative offices, rooms for staff, workshops and depots
  • 14 parking spaces
The building is new and rented to Air-Glaciers.

Property name:Hangar SHP
Property type:Special property
Main use:Hangar and offices
Street :Route de l'Aéroport
Post code, Town/City:1950 Sion
Rental area:2285 m²
Parking: 14
Construction Year:2014