Clinique de Valère | Gare 27 / Pratifori 3


SHP owns the building located rue de la Gare 27 / rue Pratifori 3 in Sion, just north of Clinique de Valère. The property has a total rental surface of 5’960 m2 and a parking of 110 places.

The surface of the plot amounts to 3'671 m2. Like Clinique de Valère, the property is located in the city centre of Sion, nearby the CFF train station of Sion. The access to public transportation is excellent.

The building was built in 1934 and in 1995 for the rue Pratifori 3 wing. The property is divided into four units, with mixed office, commercial and residential uses. The site also counts 33 outside and 77 inside parking places.

Clinique de Valère will be able to develop its activities amongst others with the creation of a medical centre. The clinic will also benefit from a majority of the available parking spots. As both parcels are adjacent, the access to Clinique de Valère will also be improved.

Property name: Gare 27 / Pratifori 3
Property type:Commercial Property
Main use:Office, commercial and residential
Street :Rue de la Gare 27 / Rue Pratifori 3
Post code, Town/City:1950 Sion
Rental area:5’960m2
Outdoor parking:-
Construction Year:1934/1995