Hotel Monte Rosa

Monte Rosa is an iconic place in Zermatt. Edward Whymper, who had been a regular visitor to Monte Rosa since 1860, set out to conquer the Matterhorn on the 13th of July in 1865. Thanks to this first spectacular ascent, the Monte Rosa Hotel became internationally renowned since then.

In addition of being Mr. Whymper headquarters, the building in itself has its own charm. The 4-star hotel offers 41 rooms and suites. It is a journey through time and simultaneously, the modern and elegant interior makes you feel at home. Walking through the corridors, the discovery of the premises is magical.

But what makes it even more special, is the restaurant Brasserie Belle-Epoque. Stucco ceilings and walls, crystal chandeliers, antique paintings, and velvet chairs… A majestic setting in which to enjoy a beautiful and delicious journey. Also, Edward’s Bar – Café, named after the famous alpinist, invites you for a drink or a bite.

Property name Hotel Monte Rosa
Property type Special property
Main use Hotel operations
Address Bahnhofstrasse 80, 3920 Zermatt
Canton Valais
Rental area 3’958 sqm
Number of rooms/suites 41
Number of restaurants and bars 1 / 1
Construction Year 1852

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